Saturday, April 18, 2015

Karims Hotel Delhi

Karims Hotels the best place to hangout on any day of the week if you are a non vegetarian. Karims provides best non vegetarian food and makes the taste buds so happy.

My experience at karims last weekend on sunday me and my friends want to spend time and go out for lunch so we decided to go to karims in delhi and we reached chawri bazar by metro and from there its walkable distance to karims and finally we reached karims hotel with full of hunger.
As it is Sunday its too busy but i heard karims is always full with crowd because of its taste. In  karims the waiters and their organising is so nice and we got the place and we ordered food and we got it within minutes even though the hotel is full with customers and we started with starter's and to main course and then finally ended with karims special kheer. In karims the options are more and almost we get all the non veg foods over there and with good taste.

We all spent that afternoon in karims and felt so happy after having that delicious food. Thank you karims for such food.

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