Travel Mania provides complete information related to Tourism and Travel. You can get good information related to flight deals, discount coupons and also travel packages related information in Travel mania. Travel Mania welcomes advertisers to publish their ads in our website. We have different Advertising promotions that are ongoing in Travel Mania. Some of them are displayed below
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Banner Advertising

Travel Mania encourages banner advertising in the right and left side bars which will be displayed along with every post. Along with side bar banners, you can also publish at the top banner and also at the bottom. Banners should be related to the content of our website and should help readers get good information.
Some of the top banner ads which can be published in our site are
728*60 banner ad
Vertical banner ad
250*250 banner ad

Travel Product Advertising

Travel Mania provides article promotion with two or three links which are different and related to website. Along with that we provide short article giving sample information related to the advantages and usefulness of your website. Get started with a sample article from our site by requesting an article and your quoted price to and you will get an reply in two working days.

Please Note: No Spam, Adult Gambling Links allowed
only articles related to travel and tourism

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